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Kim Lim Brand Ambassador of Papilla's Brand

Papilla's Brand Ambassador - Kim Lim

Written by Kelhealth Singapore
Latest hair expert in town, Papilla promises hair-regrowth using innovative scalp technologies 韩国高科技研发头皮护理 文 Dion Tang 05 Feb 2020 | ICON MAGAZINE 消费研究发现,越来越多人注重头皮护理,城中迎来高级护法中心Papilla Haircare。 以往,我们总会说发型能够影响一个人的容貌;这个说法在近几年来有了延申,现在消费者对于健康的发质跟他们在乎发型的程度成正比。
Papillas Stem Cell solutions For hair Loss

Stem Cell Solutions for Hair Loss

Written by Kelhealth Singapore
Stem Cell Technology is key to the treatments offered at Papilla Haircare - a dedicated hair and scalp centre that specialises in hair-regrowth using innovative scalp technologies developed exclusively for Papilla by top Korean scientists.

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