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About Papilla Scalp

Experience fuller, thicker hair with Papilla Scalp. Designed by Korean dermatologists and scientists, our combined expertise and knowledge in hair growth and scalp health supports the hair with what it needs to grow healthier and stop hair loss in its tracks.

Developed by Papilla Haircare, the first revolutionary and medically-backed scalp care and hair loss centre in Singapore. Papilla Haircare is also the first to adapt the all-encompassing Salmon PDRN/PRN (DNA) to hair loss and thinning, delivering equally excellent results for all types of hair loss.

100% Natural and Safe. Formulated specifically for the scalp and hair.

Our products are paraben free and dermatologically tested by Korean doctors.

Clinically tested to increase hair thickness by 20% with 100% client satisfaction.

  • Strengthen and rejuvenate weakened hair cells
  • Stimulate hair growth and cell reproduction
  • 100% natural product safe for long-term use
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Clinically proven to combat hair loss and induce hair volumization
  • Used by doctors and hair transplant surgeons

Principle & Features
Papilla Scalp contains a unique formulation created by board-certified dermatologists and scientists, using only the highest grade of clinically-effective ingredients. Our products are dermatologist tested and free of SLS, SLES, Sulphates, Silicones, Mineral Oils & Parabens.

Some key ingredients include MelanoScreen Tx to prevent premature greying of hairs, Glutathione, Ubiquinone & Ascorbic Acid to combat free radical damage & oxidative stress, 4-Terpineol for its anti-fungal and microbial properties to control seborrheic dermatitis and Bioceramides-MLS to repair the hair barrier function and replenish essential moisture.

Advanced Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is the science of producing extremely small things. The ability to miniaturize production of materials to the size of nanometres requires engineering at the atomic and molecular level. Our know-how in creating molecules that are tinier, lighter and hence more easily absorbed and effective, is a key strength of Papilla’s Scalp products.

Pharmaceutically derived from Papilla’s very own research laboratories in Korea, our products contain molecules that are 80,000 times smaller than normal cosmetic molecules. This innovation allows the application of our patented Scalp to penetrate deeply into the scalp to reach all the way to the hair bulb, producing significantly improved results and efficacy.

Powerful science at work.

Papilla’s products contain molecules that are 80,000 times smaller than normal cosmetic molecules.

Where are our cytokines derived from?
Drawn from plant stem cells, our PhytoKines stem cultures are concentrated and developed to enhance the natural repair of degenerated or damaged hair cells.

These precious stem cultures rejuvenate our cells' bio-signalling abilities and help reduce inflammation and induce healing. These stem cultures are pure exosomes and 100% natural products, hence they contain no cells or cell parts.

The world’s most advanced PhytoKines protocol - PEV™

Formulated with PDRN Salmon DNA
PDRN is well-researched to have tissue repairing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is now widely used in regenerative medicine and hair-loss prevention. Derived from Salmon DNA, PDRN protects hair cells from damage and improves regeneration of cells.

In a 2015 clinical study (Lee et al, 2015), PDRN is shown to be a master regulator of angiogenesis. PDRN is proven effective for therapeutic management of female pattern hair loss while showing excellent safety and tolerability (Squadrito et al, 2014).


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