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1st Trial DNA Activator – The answer to hair growth

1st Trial DNA Activator – The answer to hair growth

Recharge the cells on your scalp to encourage growth.

This treatment delivers healthy growth cells through iontophoresis to activate dormant and weakened hair papilla. This regulates the hair growth and pigmentation process, which leads to the production of longer and thicker hair over time.

Iontophoresis refers to an electrical pulse system. It uses ions in the +ve and -ve charges to deliver the active ingredients into the scalp while activating the hair papilla.

  1. A consultation with your therapist to assess your scalp condition.
  2. The treatment begins with a deep cleanse mask to slough off dead skin cells on your scalp. This preps your scalp for optimal absorption of the active ingredients.
  3. Your therapist uses DNA Activator to deliver all the nutrients into the scalp.
  4. The treatment will end off with our LUX LLLT SCALP TREATMENT to seal all the goodness in.

This treatment is comfortable and relaxing. Since the treatment is non-ablative, there is minimal to no downtime nor damage to the scalp tissue. Depending on individual, you will notice a thicker and healthier hair shaft after a treatment course.

Available at: Papilla Haircare Ngee Ann City and NEX.


391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, Tower B #05-25A/B, Singapore 238873
Tel: +65 6465 4565 | Whatsapp: +65 9154 4519

23 Serangoon Central, #04-26 NEX, Singapore 556083
Tel: +65 6454 5565 | Whatsapp: +65 9656 1545

Terms & Conditions:

  • Please quote order number (in format: #PHXXXX) when making appointment.
  • Valid for new Papilla Haircare customers or those who have not visited Papilla Haircare in the past 12 months. 
  • Valid for 3 months from date of purchase. 
  • Multiple 1st trial sessions can be bought as gifts. 
  • Each customer can only redeem ONE first trial per treatment. 

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