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Salmon Stem Cell Home Kit - Color Boost (Aloepecia 1 to 6)

Salmon Stem Cell Home Kit - Color Boost (Aloepecia 1 to 6)

The first salmon PDRN hair loss treatment in Singapore.

A take-home treatment set that delivers our breakthrough hair regrowth formulation into the hair dermis using a special stamp applicator. Reactivates dormant and inactive hair follicles using patented cell signalling technology. Contains vital growth factors and active ingredients formulated to treat hair loss and hair thinning.

Each kit includes 4 vials of hair loss solution, a stamp applicator and alcohol swabs.

    Color Boost (Aloepecia 1 to 6)

    • Scientifically-proven hair loss serum researched by Korean scientists & used by Korean hair transplant surgeons.
    • Fights hair loss and triggers hair follicles to regrow.
    • Restores melanin to hair shaft & combats prematurely greying hair.
    • Delivered into the scalp using proven microneedling technology.

    How to use

    1. Remove the applicator from the sterile packaging.
    2. Remove the scalp applicator’s safety and hygiene cover. 
    3. Twist the black applicator top to open it.
    4. Open a vial of Papilla Salmon Stem Cell Serum. 
    5. Pour the contents into the applicator vial.
    6. Twist and click the applicator top back into position.
    7. Sanitize the top of applicator using the provided alcohol swab.
    8. Stamp the applicator onto the problem areas of scalp.
    9. Gently pat the scalp surface with the applicator until the stem cell media is fully absorbed.

    1. Do not share applicator with another person.
    2. Keep the applicator clean after each use by wiping with the alcohol swab.
    3. Dispose of applicator after 4 uses.

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